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2020 Catalogs Are Ready to Send to You.

Browning prints a special edition catalog each year. These catalogs — often called the Browning Master Catalog — have become a yearly tradition with many of you. It is revered as a coffee table catalog due to the exceptional photography, design and detail. Below on this page, you can order a current year catalog or view the catalog in the Adobe PDF format by downloading it below and using the free Adobe Reader on your computer. A number of catalog downloads from previous years are provided for reference only. It is important to remember that pricing, selection, specifications and other aspects of Browning products will change from year to year. Because we are continually improving products, even products with the same model numbers may experience changes from year to year. 

Each Browning catalog is packed with photos and specifications for our full line of firearms, accessories, cases, knives, lights, gun safes and technical clothing. There is not an endless supply and catalog orders are subject to availability. There is a chance we will use our entire supply before the end of the year, so it is important to order early within the year you desire a printed catalog. 

2020 Browning Catalog in PDF format.

PDF Versions of US Print Catalog (Downloads)

Page Turning Version of CANADA Print Catalog

The 2020 special CANADA Version of the Browning Catalog will be available in a version using page-turning technology. The format is intended primarily for viewing on larger format screens, such as desktop computers, larger tablets and casting to televisions. CLICK HERE TO VIEW IN PAGE TURN FORMAT FOR 2020.

Browning ProSteel Gun Safe Brochures (Downloads)

US Browning Catalog Archives (Downloads)

These downloads are full color PDFs. They can be very, very large and will require sufficient bandwidth. We do not recommend downloading them to a phone, for example. Expect several minutes or more for downloading files that are in excess of 100 MB. 

Downloads require a PDF Reader

File downloads on this page are in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You will need a FREE reader -- available from Adobe -- to open and read the files. Some web browsers can open PDFs without the Reader program. There are other reader apps available if you prefer them. DOWNLOAD ADOBE READER.


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A vintage 1978 catalog. These are now collectors items. If you wish to start your own collection simply search for "vintage Browning catalogs" on Google.

This 1974 Browning catalog contained several pages on Browning ammunition. Old boxes of Browning ammo are considered collectible. It is exciting that Browning Ammunition has returned -- and already has a reputation for innovation and accuracy.