Prepack 4-Step Gun Cleaner

The full Browning cleaning and protection system in one package. 

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This gun cleaning solvent/oil kit provides all the fluids you need to keep any firearm clean and properly lubricated. This includes every part from the barrel to the action. The list of features explains the uses of each component of the 4-step cleaning process. Don't short-change on cleaning. Many thousands of rounds through the rifles, shotguns, and pistols in our R&D department proves it every day. Accuracy is preserved and consistent function is assured. 


Step 1 - Carbon remover

  •     Proprietary formula quickly removes carbon build up
  •     Evaporates quickly
  •     Contains no ammonia, pH neutral
  •     Pinpoint applicator
  •     4 oz. bottle

Step 2 - Bore Polish

  •     Proprietary formula improves bore condition while safely removing accuracy-harming copper build up
  •     Removes copper, lead and powder residue
  •     Evaporates quickly
  •     Contains no ammonia, pH neutral
  •     Pinpoint applicator
  •     4 oz. bottle

Step 3 - Solvent and Degreaser

  •     Safely removes residue from Carbon and Bore Polish cleaners
  •     Fast-drying solvent displaces water
  •     Contains no chlorine, ozone safe
  •     Rapidly cuts through oil and grease
  •     Leaves no residue
  •     10 oz. can

Step 4 - Gun Oil

  •     Proprietary formula passes strict military requirements
  •     Low surface tension provides excellent lubrication and corrosion protection
  •     Contains no synthetics
  •     Pinpoint applicator
  •     2 oz. bottle
Item Number 123400 UPC 023614055686
Color Black Cleaning Application Pinpoint
Cleaning Purpose Carbon:Cleaners:Copper:Grease:Lead:Powder:Water Cleaning Size 10 oz:4 oz:2 oz
Length 0" Weight 4.8 oz
MSRP $49.99

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