USB Flashlight Charging System.


USB Rechargeable -- The Freedom to Recharge Anywhere, Any Time.

Use the equipment you already have to keep your light fully charged. Micro USB.

The USB interface has become the modern standard for recharging portable electronic devices. That’s why we have a complete line of USB compatible lights and power stations. Charge your Browning USB configured light the easy and convenient way with the USB charging ports and chargers you already have for phones, on your computer, or in charging stations like the Browning Power Bank. The built-in technology monitors charging status to keep your light ready to go when you need it.

Save Money

Spend Your Money on Gear, Not Batteries

Rechargeable lights are a an investement that pay for themselves - quit buying single use batteries and save that money for guns and gear.

Dual Fuel

Expand your Options with Dual Fuel Lights

No time to charge? Dual-fuel lights run on either a standard AA battery or a rechargeable battery in some Browning USB lights. Increase your options.


Rechargeable batteries can produce brighter light than single use batteries.

Lithium-Ion lights are 150-300% brighter than lights with standard batteries. This is because lithium-Ion batteries are made to move power faster. Coupled with ultra-bright LEDs, these battery types have proven to bring modern lights to the next level of brightness.

Top It Off

Built in USB chargers help you make sure that your lights are at their brightest.

There are times when you need a fresh new charge. Recharging a light before a long night, or stored near a USB port in a vehicle means that you won't have to contend with a dim or failing light source.

Or you can take portable recharging to the next level with the High Noon USB spotlight with powerbank technology. Some Browning lights with powerbank let you charge other devices through a handy 'USB Out' port on the back of the light.


Make your lighting needs a lighter part of your load

USB rechargeable lights are an average of 30-50% less carrying weight than lights with standard single use batteries. Add in the fact that you won't have to throw in a bunch of spare batteries to keep your light running.

Go Green

Keep the Land Pristine

USB charging can reduce the number of batteries you have to buy and dispose of. It also can mean less to pack in and out when footing it to remote locations.

Browning USB charge enabled Products